About Us

Most authors from this new website are from Latin American countries. This is important to add because the idea of the site is to present reliable news that strikes a chord with all of us. We live in a world with lots of things around us. It is almost impossible to follow everything that happens. That is the main reason why we decided to follow the most significant news in various subjects from the Latin American countries.

This is not a personal website where people are stating their thoughts and ideas. We want to present objective reality that passes all around us to a broader audience and public at large. As we have mentioned above, it is difficult to follow everything that goes around in the world. Most people from Europe have no idea what is going on in Mexico, Chile or Peru.

This way, they can quickly enter the world of Latin America and find out more about our politics, economics and lots of things that surround us every single day.

Our Heritage

People who write for this website are from Latin America, and they decided to combine their strengths into one website filled with various news that happens all around them. The idea is to promote our lives to the English language world and to show that things that happen here are also important as something that goes on in Middle Asia and Europe.

It is an ambitious project that started to live so that others could get more relevant and objective information on situations and occurrences happening in the Latin American countries. You have to understand that Latin America is a place filled with people. There are billions of people living on this continent, and they also have problems, lives; they even cry, laugh, live and fight. We are their voice, the voice of the people, the sound of Latin America.

Our Mission

The mission is simple. We want to promote our heritage and ideas to people all across the globe. It is difficult to understand, but we love where we are at, and we don’t want to change that. We want to change the idea that you have about us. To stop thinking of Brazil only with Carnival or soccer in mind. We are more than that. The plan is to conquer the western world by educating them about what happens here.

This is why we exist – to inform you so that you can create your picture of Latin America without the influence of Western and Eastern points of view. As we have mentioned above, we want to provide objective news that will give you perfect perspectives on the world around you and Latin America specifically. There are lots of things going on, and we will inform you of everything on a daily basis.

Our Future

Our future depends on our readers.

We write in English, not because we are more prone to enjoy in the Western world, but because we just think that the global language is essential for sending a message.

And our message is that you should take a look at our culture, politics, and economics, and then you should conclude what to think about Latin America and whether you want to visit us or not! It is as simple as that!