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The main problem in Brazil in the last few days was a cultural war that happened because of a couple of modern art exhibits.


The newly elected president is a trained economist who became the first conservative president since 1990 when the military ruled.


The main problem that might happen in Mexico at this particular time is a possibility that Mexican peso will drop in case NAFTA collapses.


Even though the demonstration has ended, it is impossible to start a healthy life today in Caracas, Venezuela because of the stress.

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History Of Child Labor

The majority of children work in agriculture, but still, there are numerous high-risk sectors such as dumpsites, mining, fireworks manufacturing, domestic labor, and fishing. It is a controversial topic in the United States, but in South America, these events took place a long time ago.

As we can see from different statements in the Caribbean, there are more than five million working boys and girls who have a minimum age for employment, and they are still engaged in work.

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Latin America's Anti-Graft Earthquake

As we can see on the different sites, an earthquake changed the entire central Mexico in September, and most buildings collapsed, which means that thousands of people disappeared and some of them even died.

However, the main problem that occurred in the last few days is the question of corruption in the enforcement because they added to the size of the death toll. This is why politics entered into the world of tremor, similar to the people before.

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